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For 20 years, Real Capital Analytics has been the premier provider of comprehensive, current, and accurate global commercial real estate intelligence. Able to quantify the market like no other, in 2020 alone RCA tracked $1.42 USD trillion of significant commercial property transactions globally.

For 15 years,  RCA has been the go-to source for global investors. Today, RCA’s vastly expanded coverage provides mission-critical intelligence for all Australian players big and small, domestic and foreign.

Facilitated in part by an exclusive arrangement with CoreLogic and Cordell, RCA has dramatically lowered its threshold for transactions, added construction projects and additional property details throughout the entire country. All of this is available today on a single, integrated, user-friendly platform.

“Real Capital Analytics is our one-stop solution for commercial property transaction research and analysis. From real-time data to succinct research reports, the roster of intelligence offered by RCA is unmatched. “
– Russell Beaudry | Senior Director, Colliers International Hotels

Real Capital Analytics has been acquired by MSCI, a leading provider of critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community.

RCA’s Data

RCA is recognised as having the most accurate and complete transaction and development data available and has created a unique process over the past 20 years that ensures data integrity.

Our database is curated by our highly skilled team of commercial real estate researchers in Sydney, assisted by state-of-the-art technology and advanced data science to ensure quality, consistency, and completeness. Each record is derived from two or more independent reports augmented by our own proprietary research.

An average record has four individual confirming sources. Each record is reviewed by two or more people, a key factor in RCA’s reputation as the most trusted source in the industry.

RCA is not dependent on a single source of data. Instead, we rely on a vast array of resources and a deep network of relationships, including an exclusive agreement with CoreLogic and Cordell.



Developing Strategy
  • Compare relative value, liquidity and price trends across markets and property types
  • Understand capital flows, market players and the competition for assets
  • Stay in front of capital by understanding the activity of your peers
  • Assess the stage of the market cycle – when to buy, sell or hold
Sourcing Opportunities
  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing market conditions and activity
  • Expand your reach and your ability to operate across geographies and property sectors
  • Know the active players in any market and always be in the middle of the deal flow
  • Identify and evaluate potential joint venture partners and new capital sources
Executing Transactions
  • Have the information at your fingertips to quickly vet all of the offerings and opportunities that are presented
  • Negotiate with full knowledge of the transaction history of the property, the most recent comparable sales of the market and understand the recent deals of the players involved
  • Quickly understand and evaluate a property based on its transaction history and market comparables
  • Create a convincing presentation internally, to partners or lenders about the property, its pricing and the opportunity relative to the bigger picture of the investment markets


Sourcing Opportunities
  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing market conditions and activity
  • Expand your reach and your ability to operate across geographies and property sectors
  • Spot new players and build relationships with existing players by tracking their properties and transactions
Pitching the Business
  • Quickly understand and evaluate a property based on its transaction history and market comparables and relate it to neighboring properties in the broader market
  • Enhance your presentations, pitch books and marketing collateral with custom charts, maps and graphics
  • Generate broker rankings to show your dominant market position compared to your peers
Executing the Deals
  • Generate extensive marketing lists of all investors buying or owning similar properties
  • Prepare for negotiations by knowing each prospective buyer’s holdings, recent deals and capital partners
  • Justify pricing based on the most current sales comparables and a thorough analysis of other properties and deals
  • Understand current financing terms and identify active lenders


Developing Strategy/Assessing Risk
  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing market conditions and activity
  • Track the competitive landscape by analysing your market share and track the lending activity of your peers
  • Quickly assess the current value and liquidity of your collateral
  • Mitigate risk and comply with the changing regulatory environment
Sourcing Opportunities
  • Get immediate insight into pending sales and the most active buyers and developers in any market
  • Spot new players entering your market and build relationships with existing players by tracking their properties and transactions
  • Research any property owners’ holdings and transaction history
Underwriting Transactions
  • Quickly and accurately assess the value of any property using the most recent and relevant transactions available
  • Understand the history of the property and neighbouring buildings, including prior owners, previous sales and financings
  • Qualify the borrower, the scope of their portfolio, their prior dealings and industry relationships
  • Create a compelling presentation to the loan committee about the property, its valuation and the trends in that market


Gaining Market Insights
  • Access reliable property transaction details including sold and pending deals
  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing market conditions and activity across markets and property types
  • Understand capital flows, pricing, market activity and the competition for assets
Sourcing Opportunities
  • Target lenders, originators, brokers and investors with comprehensive knowledge of their activity
  • Spot new players entering your market and build relationships with existing players by tracking their properties and transactions
  • Expand your reach and your ability to operate across geographies and property sectors
Preparing Reports
  • Become an expert on any property, its attributes, ownership, capitalization and transaction history
  • Quickly survey the most recent transactions and pinpoint the most relevant comparables using a wide range of factors
  • Relate the valuation of a property in context with neighbouring properties in the broader market
  • Easily generate graphs, charts and tables that can be incorporated in any report


Follow the project
  • RCA tracks when land is acquired and financing is secured before a project breaks ground or Starts, through to the subsequent refinance or sale of the completed property
Identify Opportunities
  • Easily track projects currently underway to identify properties that will need to be recapitalised upon completion or within the next few years
Know the key players behind the projects
  • Identify, track and rank the key players (developers, owners and lenders) within your chosen market and know which other construction projects they may have underway, completed or financed

RCA helps you with:


Search the industry’s most comprehensive database of transactions with $20 trillion of property sales and financings. RCA’s commitment to provide in-depth transaction data has earned its reputation as the most trusted resource in the industry.

Market Analysis

Become an expert in any market by creating unlimited real-time custom market reports detailing pricing, volumes and yields. Incorporate graphs, tables and maps to enhance your presentation. Quickly drill down from a macro view to individual transactions to understand the market movers.

Investment Opportunities

Identify potential investment opportunities by targeting properties that meet specific detailed criteria – by age, size or those with upcoming loan maturities. Find firms which could be potential joint venture partners.

Capital Flows

Whether it’s acquisitions by cross border investors or the activity of the listed sector, RCA enables you to track the flows that move the markets. Analyse origins and investment targets of any sector, the composition of buyers and sellers in any market and identify the emerging sources of capital.

Player Profiles

Know everything you need to know about an individual company. Get in-depth information on their investment activity, their relationships with joint venture partners and funding sources, their holdings, and how they priced their most recent deals. RCA researches the LTDs and special purpose entities and creates the linkage to the true buyers and sellers involved.


From cap rates on the most recent deals to historical analysis on trends, including pricing averages, distribution analysis provides the most complete pricing data available. Our pioneering transaction based price indices also gives you a unique view into the trends.


Visualise pricing, volume, and yields from submarkets to countries for all property sectors. Easily compare key metrics across different markets over a 10+ year time series.

Property Profiles

Become an expert on an individual property – identify the true owners of the property and its attributes. Additionally, identify the players – owner, buyer, broker, seller, lender – behind each deal.

RCA Insights

Published regularly by our team of analysts, including some of the top thought leaders in the industry, these topical, innovative and insightful analytics give you the expert edge amongst your colleagues and clients.

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Investor acquisitions for the year through late September reached…

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Benjamin Martin-Henry / September 9th, 2021

Investors increased their deployment to the industrial sector by 57%…

Chart: Australian Commercial Yields by Deal Price Tier

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Australia’s industrial sector is going through an extended purple patch, so…

Domestic Buyers, Logistics Megadeal Boost Australia’s Q2

Benjamin Martin-Henry / July 29th, 2021

The biggest boost for the quarter was Blackstone’s sale…

Australian Retail Sector Comes to Life in Early 2021

Benjamin Martin-Henry / July 13th, 2021

Australia’s retail sector has endured well-documented structural and cyclical headwinds over the last few years…

Canadian Investors Broaden Horizons in Asia Pacific

Benjamin Chow / June 21st, 2021

Canadian investors have been one of the most resilient sources of capital…

Chart: China’s Outbound Flows to Commercial Property

Benjamin Martin-Henry / June 3rd, 2021

Cross-border commercial property investment by Chinese firms has been on the wane…

Large Players Turn to Australia’s Medical Office Sector

Benjamin Martin-Henry / May 19th, 2021

Some of the most prominent players in the Australian commercial property market…

Sales Activity in Australia Off to a Slow Start in 2021

Real Capital Analytics / April 29th, 2021

Commercial real estate activity in Australia started 2021 on a weak note…

Australia’s Deal Volume Sinks to 8-Year Low; Office, Retail Drop

Benjamin Chow / February 19th, 2021

Coming off a record 2019, investment into income-producing property…

German Investor Groups Keep Faith in Australian Property

David Green-Morgan / February 16th, 2021

The continued spending of German investor groups during times of crisis contrasts…

Record Year for Logistics Investment in Asia Pacific

Benjamin Chow / January 26th, 2021

South Korea and Australia notched record years for investment in distribution…

Alternative Sectors Overtake Office Deal Volume in Australia

Benjamin Chow / December 15th, 2020

Alternative sectors have drawn $A7.7 billion in investment in the year through…

Chart: Activity on Asia Pacific’s Busiest Capital Highways

Benjamin Chow / November 10th, 2020

A big surprise in 2020 has been the absence of U.S. capital into…

Domestic Capital Shores Up Key APAC Markets During Covid

Benjamin Chow / October 26th, 2020

Global and regional cross-border investors pulled back from new deals at almost double…

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